A family, separated

A young couple, the father carrying a 2-year-old like a football, and the mother carrying an infant, were running as fast as they could to escape a Border Patrol agent.

Sense of Decency

Volunteers hike in the southern California desert to deliver gallons of water, food and supplies for migrants seeking a new life in the United States. Photo © Jim McKeever, Oct. 1, 2022.

I heard many stories during a recent “water drop” in the desert with Border Kindness, a not-for-profit humanitarian aid organization in southern California.

One in particular told by a fellow volunteer will stay with me.

The story marked the beginning of the 34-year-old man’s transformation a quarter-century ago.

As a young boy in San Ysidro, Calif., Edgar went to elementary school less than a mile from the US-Mexico border, where it was common to have the equivalent of today’s active-shooter “lockdowns” — but because of migrants.

Once a month or so, Edgar said, an announcement would come over the PA system for students and teachers to shut themselves into classrooms and hide. Migrants crossing over from…

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  1. You are right, we have to keep on sharing. Your friend Jackie must be a wonderful person, and we need more like her. You and I are so “accustomed” to what we see and experience in Tijuana that it’s hard to remember what it was like being unaware of all the sadness and cruelty — and, on the flip side, all the kindness and courage we encounter. ¿Sigue luchando, verdad?


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