Heroes Enter Here

“A person is more than just a shopping cart of biological products to be bought and sold at a later date,” the judge wrote.

Sense of Decency

Plasma donors wait outside a donation center in Brownsville, Texas, May 2021. Photo © Jim McKeever.


Mexicans can be heroes again.

A U.S. District Court judge last week overturned a 2021 U.S. Customs and Border Protection policy that had stopped Mexicans from crossing the border to donate plasma.

In May 2021, I noticed long lines outside the three plasma donation centers within a few hundred yards of the US-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas, where I was volunteering.

Every day, dozens of Mexican men and women lined up on the sidewalks waiting to make money selling their plasma (which is illegal in Mexico).

The sign on the building read, “Héroes Entran Aquí.” (“Heroes Enter Here.”)

The scene every day was a stark reminder of the steps people are willing to take when facing poverty. Donating plasma twice a week can bring in hundreds of dollars a month, which…

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