‘The world’s explicit bias is on display’

When refugees flee countries like Haiti, Cameroon or El Salvador, Americans don’t post the equivalent of sunflower photos or change their social media profile photos in solidarity. Why is that?

Sense of Decency

A mother holds her son close as the wind picks up and snow falls at the Palanca border crossing, a jointly operated division between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, March 8, 2022. More than 85,000 Ukrainians have passed through Moldova, fleeing Russian attacks. Photo © Maranie Staab. Follow her on Instagram @maranierae or on Twitter @MaranieRae.


We are heartbroken.

News reports, photos and video of the suffering in Ukraine, images of innocent families dead on the ground, have infuriated us, sparked us to act.

We send money, food, supplies, weapons. We attend rallies to show solidarity with Ukraine and speak out against Vladimir Putin’s cruel war.

America’s empathy and compassion are on full display.

And yet …

Refugees from other parts of the world aren’t afforded the same empathy, and receive far different treatment by the United States. To name a few:

Haiti.Mexico. Afghanistan. Central and…

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