A beautiful family at the border

A particular image from my recent trip to the US-Mexico border keeps recurring — two images, actually, involving the same 9-year-old girl from Honduras and her younger sisters. I’ll call her Alejandra, since I’m not allowed to identify the families assisted by this particular organization in Tijuana. The first image is of Alejandra caring for her siblings in a small play area, where other children … Continue reading A beautiful family at the border

Close the camps! (‘Obama had ’em, too’)

At our weekly “Close the Camps” protest outside the district office of Congressman John Katko (R-NY 24), a group of four millennial white men walked by and looked at the signs we held. As they reached the end of our 25-person line, one of the four said, loud and clear, “Obama had ’em, too.” That’s not a lie, but it’s far from the whole truth. … Continue reading Close the camps! (‘Obama had ’em, too’)

Yes, migrants are doing it ‘the right way’

This hotel in San Diego has literally nothing to do with the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border. But metaphorically, it does. I once heard a pithy response to Americans who say they “have nothing against” migrants coming into the U.S., but they should do it “the right way.” The response? “If your house is engulfed in flames, do you stop and think about ‘the … Continue reading Yes, migrants are doing it ‘the right way’

Relentless Acts of Kindness

At the U.S.-Mexico border last month, I witnessed countless acts of kindness — not just random, occasional, or even sustained, but deliberate and relentless. I was honored to spend a week in Tijuana volunteering with Al Otro Lado’s Border Rights Project. Above is one of our volunteers, who — before he goes to work in a medical clinic — hauls a cart to the border … Continue reading Relentless Acts of Kindness

Close the Camps

During my recent trip to the US-Mexico border, I spent parts of two days playing with migrant children in Tijuana. I built Lego towers with a 4-year-old, and we knocked them down while his mom met with a lawyer to prepare her asylum claim. I handed crayons to an 8-year-old who lives in a church shelter among 300 people, sleeping in pup tents. He’s a … Continue reading Close the Camps